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“You are what you eat” are words uttered by Philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. As a public health officer, I live by this phrase and is what serves as my drive in helping people achieve their best selves-nutritionally. I am passionate about improving the health status of individuals that I come across in my various work settings. Through this blog, yesktesosis.com, I am able to impact the lives of many people through my carefully researched pieces that touch on the restrictive yet far-rewarding diet- the ketogenic diet.

Health and nutrition are intertwined. There is no health without nutrition. The nutrients from the foods that we eat go a long way in affecting the function and wholeness of every tiny cell in our body.

As a champion of the ketogenic diet, there are massive benefits of switching to this high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. Amongst them includes weight loss, improved health markers such as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and overall good health.
Join the keto bandwagon today to unlock the wonders of this diet plan!