It is okay to consume tortilla chips while on keto, however, you have to be careful about the quantity you take and how it is prepared. Store-bought traditional tortilla chips are full of flour and corn and therefore full of carbs.

If you want to enjoy tortilla chips on a keto diet then making them yourself is your best option. These Keto chips are low in carb and delicious.


In today’s market, there exist two types of tortillas both in grocery stores and in restaurants. The two tortillas are called corn tortillas and wheat tortillas. Wheat tortillas are both whole wheat and whole grain.

Tortilla chips

After it was discovered that wheat flour could offer a solid tortilla base, it become very popular compared to wheat corn flour. The two types of tortillas come from different sources. The wheat flour tortilla is sourced from softly ground wheat flour while the Wheat corn tortilla is sourced from thin flatbread which comes from ground maize.

Most of the tortilla chips bought in stores are not recommended for the keto diet. They are prepared with corn and other starches which contain a high amount of carbs. These carbs if taken regularly will kick you out of ketosis.

However, it is okay to have the tortilla chips as long as they are taken in moderation and the calorie count measured. The portion sizes and macronutrients also need to be measured.


Tortilla chips prepared for a keto diet contain about 12 grams to 15 grams of net carbohydrates in one ounce. This makes it difficult to surpass the daily carb allotment which lies between 20 grams to 50 grams. An ounce per day is a very small quantity of food that would not curb your hunger. On the other hand, taking two ounces will kick you out of ketosis.


Corn Tortillas are not keto-friendly, especially those purchased in restaurants and grocery stores. As much as it has low carbs, the carbs it contains are still regarded as being high as compared to other foods. The nutrients in the Corn Tortillas vary depending on where you purchase them. Those you make at home will have all the nutrients you need as compared to those you have bought at the restaurants, and grocery stores,

The original corn tortillas are not keto-friendly since they are made of corn flour which is a high carb flour with 79 grams of net carbs in 100 grams.

The normal tortilla has about 61 calories in total in an ounce of serving which is equivalent to 28 grams. This is inclusive of 12 grams of net carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of total fats, and 2 grams of protein.

Nevertheless, you can make keto-friendly corn tortillas by using low-carb flour at home. These are very much recommended while on a keto diet. Some of the flour to use include coconut flour, almond flour, chia seed, veggies, flaxseed, cheese, and psyllium.


Tortilla chips are a snack prepared from either blue, white, or red corn tortillas, they are sliced into triangles and baked or fried. The blue color in the corn tortillas is sourced from anthocyanins in the corn. This is the same compound that is healthy and found in red wine and berries.

Blue corn tortillas are a bit healthier as compared to the normal tortilla chips or potato chips since they have antioxidants. However, the preparation process, which is either baking or frying, might destroy these benefits.

It is okay to take blue corn tortilla chips while on keto but this must be done in moderation. If you need to take them to avoid consuming a lot of carbs from the store-bought ones, then prepare them yourself.

The blue corn tortilla chips have 16% net carbs and 11% calories per serving. This makes the snack food fall under the keto standard guidelines which is at 25 grams net carbs or lower. It is very important that you strictly track and follow up on the carbs you take per serving to prevent going over the keto guidelines.

The Blue Corn Tortilla chips have a daily value percentage of Sodium at 3%. According to FDA’s set standards, this is very low which is at 60 milligrams. Too much or too low sodium is associated with several health problems.

For a healthy adult, the maximum daily sodium intake ranges between 15oo-2300 milligrams, thus, the food you consume should have sodium between 5% to 20% in a serving.


  • Tortillas come in two types in the market referred to as Wheat corn tortillas and wheat flour tortillas. Most of the tortillas bought at restaurants and grocery stores are not prepared up to the keto diet standards.
  • This does not mean that you cannot enjoy tortilla chips. You can still eat those prepared at home. However, one homemade tortilla has about 30 grams of carbs in a single serving. This will cover more than the daily carbs recommended and you will be at risk of getting out of ketosis.
  • There are some alternative flours and ingredients that can be utilized in preparing healthy tortillas like coconut flour, almond flour, chia seed, veggies, flaxseed, cheese, and psyllium. These are healthier alternatives and fit well in the keto diet.
  • The blue corn tortilla chips obtain the blue color from anthocyanins which are found in corn. It is the same compound as that obtained from berries and red wine.
  • Blue corn tortillas are much healthier than normal tortilla chips since they have antioxidants. However, the preparation process, which is either baking or frying, might destroy these benefits due to exposure to high temperatures.
  • Therefore, it is important to note that you might consume some unnoticed carbs in the meals you take daily. Ensure that you control the carbs you take through tortilla chips, take them in small portions.

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