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Yes, cheating on keto can cause diarrhoea. It happens when we consume more fat than our body is able to effectively break down and absorb; this unabsorbed fat once it goes into the small intestines it needs more water to help its passage, which leads to watery diarrhoea.

Cheating on the Keto diet takes your body out of ketosis and might even take weeks for the individual to re-enter the ketosis again. Not just this, consuming carbs while being on the keto diet is yet another reason why people burn less fat during keto.

Furthermore, the keto diet is based on low-carb eating, moderate protein and a high-fat diet, which helps the body enter the metabolic state of ketosis. in which the body burns fats to generate energy rather than using Glucose.

There is no doubt that the keto diet has helped many individuals in losing weight effectively, but at the same time, it might cause health issues like diarrhoea. Depending on how effectively their gastrointestinal system accepts the change in the body’s food intake. Not just diarrhoea, people also face symptoms like nausea and fatigue, which are also known as keto flu.

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No cheating on keto does not cause headaches. One of the causes of headaches during the keto diet is low blood sugar. Eating high carbs on keto will result in a spike in the blood sugar levels, therefore keto headache isn’t likely.

In order to switch to ketosis, it is necessary to intake more fats and very few or no carbs. This shift in the metabolic system leads to lower blood sugar in the body as the body is now using fat instead of glucose to generate energy.

Since the body has been conditioned through years of eating carbs, our brains develop a dependency on glucose. This leads to lower blood sugar levels resulting in stress on the brain, causing headaches and mental fatigue.

Dehydration is yet another cause of headaches while on the keto diet. The body produces less insulin due to little carbs intake. This drop-in insulin level affects the electrolytes, The kidney starts producing more sodium leading to dehydration. This then acts as the root cause of headaches for people on keto.


No, this is not true. Going off a keto or quitting keto does not cause any headaches. On the other hand, it improves the cholesterol levels, improves the energy levels of the individuals due to proper intake of carbs, improves the muscle mass and leads to better gut health.

You need to keep in mind that it is necessary to transition properly when quitting the keto diet. if the transition is not done properly, it might cause weight gain, bloating, a spike in blood sugar, irritability, fatigue, increased hunger and addiction to sugar.


Breaking keto fast can lead to headaches. This is because of the lower blood sugar levels of the body, dehydration or even electrolytes imbalance in the body

Keto fasting is also known as intermittent fasting. It helps the body enter the state of ketosis much more quickly resulting in faster weight loss compared to any other diet.  It would not be wrong that many people who opt for the keto diet tend to suffer from this common side effect of keto, which is a headache.


Yes, it varies from person to person, but heartburn is another common side effect of being on the keto diet. Heartburn in keto is when the acids in the stomach are pushed back to the oesophagus, which causes lower chest pain and uneasiness.

For some individuals, this could be one of the side effects they might suffer from during the first few weeks of ketosis. Our digestive system is used to the certain way we consume or intake food, and the drastic change in food intake might lead to heartburn.

In order to effectively tackle the issue of heartburn during keto, you should avoid the intake of acidic food, intake of probiotics that help the overall gut health, intake of apple cider vinegar and intake of keto-friendly supplements.


Yes, the keto diet is bad for people suffering from acid reflux, it might cause uneasiness. Research shows that consuming fatty food may trigger issues of acid reflux and since keto is a high-fat diet, it’s not recommended.

Stomach acid is normal, natural and one the vital thing that helps in the digestion of food, but for some individuals, it can make the eating process the most painful experience.

Since fat takes more time to digest and stays in the stomach for a longer period, increasing fat intake may easily trigger acid reflux symptoms. Therefore, usually, for a person suffering from acid reflux, it is a bad idea to switch to ketosis. They might opt for some other effective ways of losing weight, as being overweight also triggers issues with acid reflux. But in some cases of GERD, individuals might benefit from the keto diet as it might help reduce heartburn and facilitate losing weight.

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