Woman eating chicken and brocolliThe chicken and broccoli diet helps in weight loss as it creates a caloric deficit. This is whereby the body utilizes internal sources of energy which are mainly body fats rather than external sources of energy such as food. The chicken and broccoli diet works because it creates a caloric deficit.  The diet is also low on calories and high in satiety.


You will definitely lose weight by consuming chicken and vegetables because they contain high levels of proteins which are bodybuilding blocks, and it’s a dense low-calorie diet that raises satiety and reduces hunger. Consuming high protein foods will increase the synthesis of protein muscles and raises the thermogenic reaction of food and in return, you will be able to lose weight exponentially.

In the first 12-16 weeks of dieting on chicken and vegetables, you will be able to lose weight greatly and get the ideal body you desire by improving and enhancing the whole body. As much as the chicken and vegetable diet will help you lose weight, this won’t be for a long time since it is not sustainable, it is therefore very important to look for sustainable measures so that all your efforts and sacrifice won’t go to waste.


Yes, It is okay for you to consume chicken and broccoli. This is mainly done on a short-term basis because the two foods have low calories with high satiety. If broccoli and chicken are consumed on a short-term basis, they can lead to weight loss and improved body composition. This diet is very common among bodybuilders and they are responsible for its invention. Being on this diet means that you will only take broccoli and chicken with no other food included and the recommended period is 10 to 14 days.

Also, one is allowed to extend the 14 days when on a broccoli and chicken diet for a month and you should monitor the changes you are having, if you don’t have any, then just drop it and go with the diet that works for you. Chicken and broccoli can be consumed as an everyday meal because they are easy to find and have good nutrients. Chicken contains proteins and Vitamin B12 which are strong nutrients while broccoli is a very good source of fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, and carbs. Taking broccoli and chicken has its own benefits and disadvantages. Its benefits include:

  1. It aids in weight loss.
  2. It prevents you from consuming any type of junk foods and desserts, this is of great significance because the diet burns empty calories and it does not give any nutrients.
  3. This diet will help you get rid of water weight in the body because it is low on carbs.
  4. Broccoli and chicken provide minerals and vitamins that are of importance to the body. Broccoli on its own helps in averting constipation, maintaining low blood pressure, and promoted digestion.

The disadvantages of taking chicken and broccoli are:

  1. There are many ways to prepare chicken and broccoli but this diet will become boring eating it since you are consuming it on daily basis.
  2. There is a great chance that once you are done with your days on the broccoli and chicken diet, you will regain all the weight you have sacrificed to lose since this diet is low on carbs.
  3. This diet will not give you all the nutrients the body needs on a daily basis.
  4. This diet might lead you to a confused and disordered eating pattern and eating in excess. This will result from the fact that you are taking chicken and broccoli alone on daily basis and it will lead you to have cravings for new food types which will lead to overeating.


Eating chicken and broccoli is very much okay. When this diet is consumed on a daily basis, it will lead to a decrease in the satisfaction one feels after taking a meal and this is due to the phenomenon of sensory-specific satisfaction. In addition, this will lead to one having a reduced appetite and when taken on a long-term basis, one will have increased levels of cravings for other foods with different flavors.

Some people have been on this diet for a long time, like a number of months or years. This diet will put you under a calorie restriction which might put your body under pressure. High levels of stress when on this diet will jeopardize your progress. When it comes to age, younger people can survive for long on the broccoli and chicken diet compared to older people who are prone to stress.


Chicken and Chinese broccoli are very healthy. The two are categorized as foods that are low in calories, this makes them fit for consumption and not able to cause any metabolic problems. This is however applicable on a short-term basis, if one is doing it on a long-term basis, then the diet will not provide you with a sufficient number of fat-soluble vitamins and important minerals.


The chicken and broccoli diet is an efficient and recommended way of muscle building. This is because the diet has a high number of lean proteins, the broccoli on its own provides low levels of calories and this diet will provide you with high proteins, low fats, fewer calories, and fewer carbs making it to be very suitable for the synthesis of muscle proteins.

The synthesis of muscle proteins is a process used when one is on a diet to build muscles and this is very much controlled by foods that are high in proteins and engaging in resistance training. The proteins provided by the chicken will bring a positive impact on the journey of bodybuilding muscles.

Also, when all these are combined into one dish, your body will receive enough nutrients for the healthy functioning of your body hence improvement in your general body health.

When it comes to any person who wants to add muscles, the hardest part for them is not lifting weights but sticking to a healthy diet that is beneficial to their health consistently. It is very important for you to make sure you follow the right diet because, as much as broccoli and chicken are good for building muscles, the consequences this diet might bring to your health surpasses the good benefits.



The chicken and Broccoli diet is a great combination for weight loss and the building of muscles. The same however can t be said for health. As much as this diet has many benefits for the body when one is on it for a short-term basis, it also has its own challenges like you will experience a lot of cravings for other food types and flavors.

The broccoli and chicken diet can lead to binging and having a disordered way of eating your food after going through the diet. This diet can be consumed every day for a recommended period of  12 to16 weeks and others can go for a month’s time.

It is good to know that it is not recommended to deny your body fats for a long time as it needs them. If you deny your body fats and lower carbs intake with the goal of shedding fats, the body remains with the option of utilizing calories from proteins as the only macronutrients it is receiving.

It is good to know that if you ingest more proteins than your body needs. The excess proteins will be turned into glucose and stored as body fat for later use for energy. If you do not give your body the fats it needs, you might get joint pains, lack menstrual periods, experience constipation, have dry skin, and have mental decline.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know the reasons you want to start the broccoli and chicken diet, for how long, and prepare yourself mentally so that you can be consistent. It is of great significance for you to have a plan after the end of the chicken and broccoli diet, this will help you not to eat too much and again gain the weight you have lost.

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