Keto OS vs instaketones

The keto diet is one of the most popular diet plans that actually work for fat loss. However, the diet has very strict guidelines. 

First, the ketogenic diet recommends limiting your daily carb intake to about 20-30 grams of carbs. This can be very challenging at the start due to sugar cravings and keto flu.

Some people even consider getting off the diet and instead taking a shortcut. This shortcut involves ingesting ketones to put your body in ketosis while skipping the hustle of the keto diet altogether.

While these ketone products might have effects on your ketone levels, without the other benefits of the keto diet such as hunger suppression and low blood sugar. You might experience limited results

Two popular exogenous ketones are Instaketones and keto OS. So which one is the best for you? I conducted research to determine the best option of the two.

Understanding ketones

Ketones bodies are produced by the liver when the body does not have enough glucose to meet the daily metabolic energy requirement. This forces the body to convert stored body fat in the liver into ketones.

Ketones are then used by the brain and tissue as fuel instead of glucose. It turns out ketones are actually a more efficient source of fuel compared to glucose. People in deep ketosis have reported needing less sleep, feeling more energized, and having sharp focus.

The body can also release ketones during illness or diabetics, which can result in ketoacidosis, a very serious condition.

Do exogenous ketones work

Exogenous ketones are ketones introduced from the outside into our bloodstream as opposed to normal ketones that are produced by the liver.

Keto OS boasts that their formulae actually work. There are few studies on this subject. However, an experiment conducted between two friends on youtube proved that keto os has effects on both ketone levels and blood sugar levels.

You can check out Brian and Patt conducting the experiment in the youtube video I’ve embedded below.

Instaketones on the other hand seemed to have little to no effect. In fact blood sugars went up while the ketone levels dropped.

In another study of 15 people, it was discovered that ingesting ketone supplements put the subjects into ketosis even after eating carbohydrate-rich food. The effects were insignificant when the ketone supplements were taken at the same time as their meals.


Instaketones Dmax with sodium

This powdered supplement by Julian bakery is consumed by mixing with water. It’s available in different varieties, some of the popular ones include; Orange burst, unflavored, D-MAX with sodium, and D-MAX wih potassium.

They can come in either sachet packaging or a round plastic bottle. Instaketones contain ketones in the form of R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate, obtained from raspberries.

The brand boasts to put you faster into ketosis while ensuring you don’t have to worry about your electrolytes. They are also 100% gluten-free and non-GMO.

Nutritional Facts

A container has about 60 servings of 7.13g,  A serving size of one scoop (7.13g) has 18 calories, 0 grams of fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 1300 mg of sodium, 0 g of protein, and 0 g of carbohydrate.


Its made up of only two ingredients; D-Beta Hydroxybutyrate: D-Max® and sodium.

Where To Buy

I couldn’t find any Instaketones on amazon, they were all sold out. Maybe that’s a good sign. You can find them on Julian’s bakery website. They offer free contiguous US shipping on orders over $29.

Keto OS

Keto OS ketone supplement

Pruvit is a popular wellness brand and keto OS is one of its most successful products. They are available in 11 different varieties and can be bought on amazon. Keto OS has zero in sugar, however, is very high in sodium at 910mg per serving.

Keto OS contains ketones in the form of R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate (KetoNAT™). The company claims to boost ketosis by providing readily available ketones for energy, focus, and endurance.

Keto OS is consumed by mixing the powder in a 16oz glass of water or any keto-friendly beverage of choice. Shake or stir thoroughly to ensure the keto OS powder completely dissolves, enjoy. It can be taken with or without food.

Keto OS Is manufactured for Pruvit inc and is dairy and gluten-free. It contains caffeine equivalent to a 12-16 oz cup of coffee. Ketos OS does not require refrigeration and can easily be stored at room temperature.

Nutritional Facts

A serving of keto OS is 1 packet of 20.5g, has 50 calories, 6 grams of carbs with 4 grams coming from sugar alcohol, vitamin B6(as pyridoxine HCI) 5mg, vitamin B12(as methylcobalamin) 100mg. It also has vital minerals such as calcium 170mg, magnesium 245mg, and sodium 880mg.


Ingredients may vary depending on the flavor or variety of keto os you choose. However, we will be looking at the ingredients used to produce the Keto//OS NAT® Swiss Cacao Keto variety.

The Keto//OS NAT® Swiss Cacao Keto supplement is made of the following ingredients; erythritol, cocoa powder, natural flavor, rebaudioside A (stevia extract), caffeine, xanthan gum, and sea salt.

Where to buy

All the 11 varieties are available for sale on Amazon, making them very easy and convenient to obtain. Accessibility is important for any supplements. The last thing you want is to find a supplement that works for you and then can’t find it once it runs out.

Differences between Instaketo and keto os

  • Keto OS has more nutrients like B vitamins and magnesium when compared to Instaketo
  • Keto OS is secretive about where they extract their ketones, they only confirm it’s not from an animal. Instaketones however get their ketones salts from raspberries.
  • Instaketones are sweetened with monk fruit extract while keto OS is sweetened with erythritol and stevia

The similarity between Instaketo and keto os

  • Both keto os and Instaketones are ketone supplements
  • In both brands, ketone salts are bound to calcium and sodium
  • These ketone salts are vegan as opposed to ketone esters

Verdict, which is better?

I recommend you go with keto os and I believe it’s the better of the two brands of ketone supplements.

 Why i believe keto OS is better than instaketones

  • Keto OS contains less sodium when compared to Instaketones even thou the difference is minute.
  • Keto OS has more nutrients such as vitamins B6 and vitamins  B12 plus magnesium and calcium.
  • The two sweeteners used erythritol and stevia in keto Os have some anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Both the two sweeteners, erythritol, and stevia do not raise blood sugar levels.
  • Contains cat claw herb, which is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been shown to help with repairing DNA.
  • There are so many different flavors available with or without caffeine.

Remember for the best results

  • Follow the recommendation of the supplement you choose.
  • Eat healthily and exercise for the best weight loss results.
  • Follow the keto diet and or combine with intermittent fasting to get into an even deeper state of ketosis.

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