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The Keto Bello patch is a weight reduction patch utilized to cut down fats from specific parts of the body. The weight loss patches are made of herbs that are purely natural and it makes the targeted body part to be slimmer and more strengthened by destroying the cellulite cells.

Keto Bello Patches are slimming patches containing great ingredients which are mainly herbs like Caffeine, Sophoricoside, Catechins, Salicornia herbacea, and Capsaicin. These products are very safe for the body.

Since there is a conflict between the science behind the Keto Bello patches and their reviews, it is of great significance for one to fully analyze the patches before using them on their bodies.

Quick Summary: If you are looking for a slimming patch that has a great source of ingredients majorly plant-based, the Keto Bello Patch is your best option despite it having some drawbacks. Most of the ingredients used are anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, and anticancer. It has 18 pieces in one pack.

Let’s have an in-depth study about the Keto Bello Patches.

How Does the Keto Bello Patch Work?

Once the Keto Bello is placed at the targeted body parts, it begins to perform its work. The active ingredients in the Keto Bello patch enter the skin through the skin’s dermal cells and begin doing their work by getting rid of the cellule cells. These help in enhancing the appearance of the skin and skin revitalization.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the accumulation of fats under the skin. Mostly these fats are accumulated in specific areas majorly the abdomen area of the body like the belly, thighs, butt, and hips. The cellulite cells make the affected areas appear dimpled and lumpy.

Manufacture of the Keto Bello Patch

The Keto Bello Patch has very few appearances online and consumer reviews. The information about the manufacturer is unavailable on their website and this makes it hard to purchase and trust this product in terms of safety and effectiveness.

Keto Bello Patch Ingredients

The Ingredients in the Keto Bello help the patch to tighten up, firm, and tone specific body lines. The patch is made of natural herbs. The natural herbs used in the Keto Bello to promote its effectiveness in weight loss include;


It is an active ingredient in the Keto Bello Patch as claimed by the manufacturers hence able to support weight loss. Its source is the plant called Sophora japonica herb which is an isoflavone glycoside.

It has many health benefits such as anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic, and anticancer. Sophoricoside is a very common element mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine. The ripe fruits of Styphnolobium japonicum herb contain isoflavone glycoside.


Studies done on this herb show that it is very efficient for weight loss. It is mostly added to berries, apples, and green tea.

Salicornia herbacea

This herb has positive impacts on people with obesity and diabetes making it to be very useful in the medical field. It contains anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.


is one of the active ingredients in chili pepper and it burns fats while promoting the metabolism of the body. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and mainly supports weight loss.


Several studies show that drinking 4 cups of caffeine daily can lead to weight loss as it lowers the appetite for food.

Keto Bello specifications

  • The Keto Bello Patch comes in an 18-piece package.
  • It is a medicated product used to reduce unwanted cells in various body parts.
  • This patch can be very useful to people with unwanted fats at specific parts of the body.

Keto Bello Patch benefits

  1. It is recommended for body toning, tightening, and weight loss.
  2. The ingredients in Keto Bello boost the body’s metabolisms.
  3. It greatly helps in contouring the body and trimming the waistline.
  4. It helps if removing lumpy and dimpled skin around the belly, hips, thighs, and butt.
  5. It has 30 days return policy.

Keto Bello Patch Drawbacks

As much as Keto Bello has some benefits, it also has some drawbacks which include:

  1. It is unavailable in stores.
  2. There is no information available about its manufacturer.
  3. The company does not give any free trials.
  4. The product might not apply to every skin type.
  5. The product does not have any customer reviews online and on its website.
  6. The product can only be purchased from its official website.

Keto Bello Patch Price

While doing research for this article I couldn’t find any keto Bello patches available for sale online making it difficult to obtain the keto Bello patches price. We can however speculate by looking at the average price charged by other similar products, thou this isn’t accurate you can use it as an estimation formulae

Keto Bello Patch Alternatives

Brand Price Ingredients
Mergiherbe Mugwort Belly Patch $10.99 Tea Tree, Sichwan Pepper Corns Mix
Hibana Patch Belly Go $19.99 Essential oils, natural minerals, Coptis Japonica, and Japanese Long Live Meant
Body Applicator Wrap Slimming Firming $22.50 Mineral oil, Extract from Capsicum annum, Extracts from Cordyceps Sinensis, Caffeine
Burn Evolved $49.00 Grains Extracted from Paradise Seed, Caffeine Yohimbine Hydrochloride, and Extracts from Cayenne Pepper Fruit,
UltraTox $37.95 Celery powder, Bentonite powder, and Aloe vera powder.
Spa Gel Patch 42 Degree Body Wrap Cellulite Contouring Slimming for Men and Women $15.00 Cordyceps, Caffeine, Sinensis Extract, Coil Minerals, and Capsaicin
365 Skinny $30.00 Bitter Orange, Cassia Seed, Goji Berry Extract, Kiwi Extract
GlutenOff Fungal Amylase, Peptidase, and Amyloglucosidase

Is Keto Bello Patch Safe?

Keto Bello contains ingredients that are sourced from plant herbs. These ingredients can help you reduce weight by burning the excess cellulite cells without causing any harm to your body. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always consult a doctor before using this product as it reacts to some skin types.


Most research on the Keto Bello does not have many reviews on its safety and effectiveness as a weight-loss tool. For a product to sell to the maximum, customer review plays a very big role. If you want to use Keto Bello for weight loss, ensure that you consult a doctor or a dietary nutritionist.

Keto Bello patches are utilized to get rid of surplus cellulite cells hence helping one to get a slimmer and more toned body, especially on the parts around the abdomen area like the belly, hips, butt, and thighs. In addition, the patch makes you have younger-looking skin.

Nevertheless, the ingredients used in manufacturing the Keto Bello patches like caffeine, catechins, Salicornia herbacea, sophoricoside, and capsaicin are nutrients rich and beneficial to our bodies when it comes to weight loss among some medical conditions like diabetes and obesity.

When it comes to its use, Keto Bello should be used for 6 to 8 hours a day before discarding them, 3-4 times a week on the minimum for 2-4 weeks to see great results. It is of great significance that you supplement this weight loss plan with a well-balanced diet and physical exercises.

Therefore, one needs to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before using the patches. This is because, the results we get from this diet may vary among different people as some may be pregnant, breastfeeding, or have serious medical conditions.

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