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These low carbohydrate snacks do not require any refrigeration and will also serve to keep you from carb cravings.

Fruit. Berries and coconuts are keto-friendly and do not require any refrigeration.

Three bowls with blackberries, strawberries and blue berries

Fiber one chocolate brownies. They contain just 5 grams of net carbs and are widely distributed in food stores. Another good thing is that there is a variety to choose from as they are available in six flavors.

Roasted seaweed snacks are readily available in grocery stores as well as many Asian supermarkets. Expect 2 grams of carbs per pack.

Pork rinds. These are readily available in gas stations and supermarkets and are packed in ready-to-eat packaging bags. They have zero carbs.

Slim Jims. These are smoked sausages that are readily available in gas stations and supermarkets. They contain between 1 to 8 grams of carbs per serving and if you prefer the plainer flavors, then expect to get 2 grams of net carbs.

Other keto-friendly snacks that do need to be refrigerated include canned pickles, sliced pepperoni, and pepperoni chips, kale chips, quest nutrition protein bars, olives, avocadoes, hard-boiled eggs, beef sticks, homemade cheese crisps, celery sticks dipped in peanut butter, bagel celery sticks, baked zucchini chips, and berries.


When choosing a keto-friendly snack to binge on between meals, go for the ones that have a high-fat content, are low in carbohydrates, and contain just an adequate amount of proteins.

There are a lot of low-carb snacks that are both healthy and delicious.

Caesar salad bites. Caesar salad is perfectly healthy for someone on keto. You can use the Romain lettuce or kales. When preparing, in place of croutons you can use roasted pumpkin seeds or pistachios for that extra crunchiness. If you want to increase the protein content, you can throw in some smoked salmon or chopped chicken.

Cajun-style shrimp and bell pepper kebabs. Shrimps are known to be a healthy option for a keto-friendly snack as they contain omega 3 fats which are good for the heart. To prepare, first of all, use a Cajun-style dry rub on the shrimp, and then place the seasoned shrimp on skewers with alternating fresh bell pepper slices. You can then grill or bake the kebabs till the shrimps are well cooked and the bell peppers are crisp. The good thing with this snack option is that it can be refrigerated for later consumption.

Veggie sticks with nut butter. You can pair your fresh or lightly cooked veggies with your preferred nut butter for that nutrient-dense keto snack.

Salmon salad celery boats. Salmon is a good source of omega 3 fats, vitamin D, and protein. You can make a simple keto-friendly salad by combining cooked salmon with mayo. For that satisfying crunch and nutrient boost, you can stuff the salmon in fresh celery stalks.

Keto sushi rolls. Good news sushi lovers! Now you can eat sushi while on keto.  These types of sushi rolls are easy to prepare and are also rich in nutrients. All that is needed is some uniformly chopped vegetables, nori seaweed sheets, and some fish for filling. If you do not prefer fish or cannot find raw sushi-grade fish, then you can add a lot of vegetables such as bell pepper, avocadoes, and cucumbers. Furthermore, cream cheese or spicy peanut sauce will be a great addition if you are looking to up the fat content.

Other keto supportive snack options include vegetable sticks with guacamole, avocado egg salad, collard green sandwich wraps, olives and sliced salami, kale and coconut chips, almonds, and cheddar cheese, and keto smoothies.


Just because you are on this highly restrictive diet does not mean that you can’t enjoy a snack, as long as it is keto-friendly. When following a keto diet plan, having a keto-approved snack between meals will help in moderating hunger pangs and also keep you on track.

However, they can lead to weight gain if the frequency of snacking up is a lot. Therefore, it is vital to eat just the right number of calories according to your physical activity levels, desired weight loss goal, age and sex, and overall calorie count set for the day.

Because snacks are meant to maintain satiety in between meals, one needs between one and two snacks daily. Again, this will vary based on the above-mentioned factors.


The following are some of the keto snacks that you should try out when starting on the keto diet. The list entails keto-friendly snacks that do not take much time in preparation and which are also readily available in any grocery or food store.

Sliced Pepperoni. These pepperoni slices are one of the best ways to get your fat and protein count up. For every ten slices of pepperoni, you get about a hundred calories and less than one net carb. Friendly right? In addition, these can be eaten with bare hands as they are clean. You can choose to eat them straight from the packaging bag or if you want them to be crispy, you can bake them for about ten minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Ten minutes is such a short preparation time hence they are also quick to prepare.

Pork rinds. These make for a great snack for a keto dieter because from twenty plain pork rinds, you can get about 100 calories and zero net carbs. Because of their crunchiness, they are the go-to snack when you want to quench that craving for something crunchy. Also, you can choose to eat them as a stand-alone low-carb snack or you can dip them in fun stuff like Taco Bell Hot Sauce.

Olives. When we are talking of the keto diet being high fat, low carb diet, we are usually talking of the healthy fats, and olives provide just that. This is in addition to the fact that they are savory and indulgent. For every fifteen olives that you eat, expect to get less than 1g of net carbs and about 100 calories.

Pickles. This is a great sour snack for a keto dieter. You can either eat them plain right out of the pickle jar with a fork or you can first dip them in a ranch dressing for that caloric boost. This is so as they contain no calories and around 1 net carb per serving of 8 slices.

String cheese. For those who do not like to end up with messy fingers after snacking, this is a convenient keto snack. It is wrapped in individual packs and does not leave residues on your fingers. A single stick of string cheese contains 60 calories and zero net carbs. You can choose to have up to four sticks for a snack.

Cheese cubes. For every ten cheese cubes consumed, you get 1g of net carbs and about 150 calories.

Cheese slices. You can eat these as a snack when you are probably too tired to make a meat and cheese rollup. One slice of cheese has approximately 80 calories and zero net carbs.

Deli meat and cheese rollups. These are better off served plain but you can add mayonnaise or mustard for flavor. Per rollup, they offer up to 210 calories and approximately 2 net carbs.

Beef jerky. These are quickly prepared and make a great keto snack when going for hikes and trips. Furthermore, they contain low amounts of calories and which makes them appropriate when you want to snack to kill boredom and not for satiety. However, depending on the brand, the sugar content will vary. Therefore, when out purchasing your beef jerky snack, be sure to buy one that contains 5g of net carbs and below per bag.

summer sausage

Nuts. If you are not one to binge, these offer a low-carb snack and are fun too as they can give you that pop-able feeling that you get from eating candies and popcorns. Varieties range from almonds, and pistachios to peanuts. For a handful of any kind of nuts, be sure they have under 5g of net carbs and close to 150 calories.

Summer sausage. You can have these plain or add some banana peppers to spice it up and skip the pun. You can also have them with thick-sliced cheese to make a perfect keto snack combo. For every ten and eighth slices consumed, expect to get 2 net carbs and approximately 200 calories.

Sliced avocado in a bowl

Sliced avocado. For that soft, refreshing, mild-tasting, and yet healthy keto snack, you can try some sliced avocadoes. If you want to add more flavor, you can throw in some pepper, salt, and balsamic vinegar. From a single avocado consumed, you get about 200 to 300 calories and about 4 net carbs. What high-calorie content! Even better for keto.

Hard-boiled eggs. You can snack on these before or after exercising. For that flavor and fun, some salt, hot sauce, and pepper will not hurt. For a single hard-boiled egg, it has 6 grams of protein, 80 calories, and less than 1 net carb. Perfect keto snack.


It can prove to be quite challenging when choosing fast foods that fit your keto diet. While most fast foods have a high carb content, there are those options that are keto-supportive.

Egg-based breakfasts.  Eggs are a perfect breakfast option, especially for keto dieters, and can be found at a fast-food establishment. They are high in fat and extremely low in carbs. The following are examples of keto-friendly egg-based options: Panera bread power breakfast bowl with steak, two eggs, avocado, and tomato and the McDonald’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit without the biscuit. Alternatively, you can simply have plain eggs with cheese and sausages.

Keto-supportive fast food beverages. These include soda water, unsweetened ice tea, and diet sodas. You need to be careful with these drinks thou as overconsumption will quickly kick you out of ketosis.


The butter in their fried chicken, unfortunately, adds around 8g to 11g of net carbs for a medium-sized piece. However, it can still be a keto-friendly spot when ordering Kentucky grilled chicken. Each piece contains less than a gram of carbs. Just be sure to add a side dish of green beans and you have yourself a solid keto snack.


Olive snack packs that contain 1gram net carbs. Contain antioxidants and healthy fats.

Beef sticks that have less than 1gram net carbs. Check the brands as some have hidden sugars.

Avocadoes. A single avocado gives you 4grams of net carbs.

Kale chips

Homemade cheese crisps that you can prepare in bulk and one serving gives 2grams net carbs.

Pork rinds contain no net carbs. These are a perfect option for potato chips and are great for that road trip.

Kale chips that contain less than 1grams net carbs. These can be packed in a plastic bag hence convenient, and are dense in nutrients too.

Other keto-friendly snacks that can be carried on the go include spiced candied pecans, baked zucchini chips, berries, Choco fat bombs, and celery sticks with peanut butter.

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