When on OMAD, it is very important to stay well hydrated by taking enough drinks to sustain you throughout the day. This is very important because, when on the OMAD diet, the amount of minerals and electrolytes from food consumed is reduced.

You are free to drink water and beverages that have low levels of calories. If you hydrate yourself well enough, the minerals that would have been provided by food are replaced like magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium. Therefore, you are free to consume calorie-free foods like water, coffee, tea, any alcoholic drink, and soda.


It is very much okay to drink water when on OMAD. Water is good for the body as it helps you maintain your levels of energy, hinders thirst, and helps in the digestion process. Most people consume food when they feel thirsty, therefore, drinking a lot of water will help you to avoid eating food unnecessarily while on OMAD.

How much water should I drink with OMAD?

While on OMAD, you should take about 3 liters of clean water. The 3 liters of water is equivalent to about half of your body weight in ounces. Most people who are physically active need to drink more water than those who are not, this is because, they lose a lot of water through the bowel, skin, and respiration process. When it comes to gender, men should take more water of about 3000 milliliters and women about 2200 milliliters.


You need electrolytes while on OMAD. This is because,  you will not be eating as you are used to and food gives the body the electrolytes it needs, therefore, the water you drink remains your only source of electrolytes.

Electrolytes are very important as they are involved in major activities of the body. Most of the electrolytes are lost through urine and sweat so, they have to be replenished daily.

They are found in most foods that we consume  examples include; green leafy vegetables, cheese and milk (calcium), brown rice, fish, meat and bread (phosphorus), beans, fish, beef, broccoli and bananas (potassium), wholegrain bread, nuts and spinach (Magnesium), most animal products, salt, cereals, and cheese (sodium).

The number of electrolytes varies depending on the place you live or where you source your water since water is the major source of electrolytes.


When you are on OMAD, almost all drinks are allowed  as long as they are taken between the period of eating. The allowed drinks should have low calories like water and zero-calorie beverages like black coffee.

It is good to put in mind that, if you crave high-calorie drinks like a glass of coconut water or lemon  water, have the knowledge that your body at that time is metabolically flexible. The calories in the drink will be utilized by the body in the first few hours and after that, you will be back to ketosis.

 Can I drink energy drinks on OMAD?

While on OMAD, you can take energy drinks but ensure that they have zero calories. The calorie-free energy drinks have caffeine, vitamins, taurine, and minerals which enable you to suppress your levels of appetite and give you enough energy to push you throughout the day.


Can I drink juice on OMAD?

When on OMAD, as long as you take the juice within your window of consumption, then you can drink juice. Juice obtained from fruits is made of a very rich concentrate that contains a lot of sugars. Mostly, homemade juice is the best as it contains less sugar with enough fiber. It will make you feel full and eat less.


Alcohol is allowed when you are on OMAD. As much as it is allowed, you should know that alcohol can pause the weight loss results and derail your progress. When the body gets rid of alcohol, in the process it ceases the burning of fats and begins to make use of the Acetyl-CoA as a source of energy. This shows that alcohol just stops or slows down the fat-burning process while on OMAD and does not necessarily lead to  weight gain.

Can I drink beer during OMAD?

While on OMAD, beer is allowed as long as it is being taken together with the meal. On the other hand, you should know that beer will spike your levels of cravings making you hungrier. In addition, beer is a diuretic drink as it will increase your levels of urination leading you to lose the electrolytes that the body needs.

Can I drink wine on OMAD?

It is allowed for you to drink wine while on OMAD as long as it is taken together with the meal you are consuming. When wine is consumed, it does not have a great effect on the OMAD diet but, at the end of the day, it can help in calming and relaxing your body.

Some research claim that you should stay away from any type of alcohol, wine included.



coffeeWhen on OMAD, you are allowed to take coffee as it is very significant when it comes to suppressing your appetite. Nevertheless, you should take coffee in moderation as an excess of coffee will impact negatively your circadian rhythms hence affecting the quality and quantity of your sleep.

It is very important to know the type of coffee you are consuming as some have a high-calorie content of up to 500 kcal. If two cups of coffee containing 500 kcal calories are taken and combined with a meal, you will be in a calorie surplus which is not good when you want to lose weight.

Be very keen on what you add to your coffee like milk, cream, and sugar since they make a very big difference in terms of calories as compared to the normal black coffee.

Can I drink coffee with milk on OMAD?

It is very much okay to take your coffee with some milk. Most research says that it is not good but looking at the OMAD plan, coffee with milk will come in handy by helping you to reduce your cravings.

This will help you be able to control your hunger spikes as you will feel much fuller after taking coffee with milk. You must check on the coffee and milk amount you are consuming so as not to waste all the effort you have put in place reducing your weight as that is the main goal.


Can I drink soda on OMAD?

As long as you are taking the soda within the window of food consumption, then it is allowed. However, taking calorie beverages can hinder the process of ketosis and in turn shift the body back to burning sugar for energy in place of burning fats.


When on OMAD, it is okay to take diet coke. Compared to other drinks, diet coke does not have any calories. It is one of the best calorie-free drinks one can take while on OMAD and it won’t offset your results.

This diet coke can play a big part while on OMAD by enabling you to go throughout the day with reduced levels of cravings. However, ensure that you moderate on drinking the diet coke since if taken in excess, it will increase your food cravings.


Coconut water is not recommended while on OMAD as it contains about 4 to 5 grams of sugar in 100 milliliters. Normal coconut water sold in the supermarkets is packed in bottles of about 500 milliliters and 800 milliliters which contain sugars totaling 20 to 50 grams. These are a lot of calories just for water, you can take normal water or other drinks to satisfy your craving or keep you hydrated.


Lemon water is allowed while on OMAD because half of the total squeezed lemon has 6 calories. If you need to add some flavor to your drinking water, then add a squeezed amount of 1 lemon in a jar of water to be diluted but keep the fresh taste.


Tea on OMAD is very beneficial as it contains a lot of bioactive chemicals from plants which are very efficient in suppressing appetite and hunger strikes. Some types of tea have alkaloids like nicotine which aid in increasing satiety and appetite.

Is green tea good for OMAD?

It is okay to drink green tea on OMAD. This is because green tea contains catechins which are polyphenolic compounds that influence the sympathetic nervous system. Green tea also leads to fat oxidation and raises energy expenditure.

Can I drink tea with milk on OMAD?

You are allowed to drink tea on OMAD. However, you should reduce the amount of milk you consume to only a few drops and take it during your window of taking meals. If you take a few drops of milk in your tea, you will not see any difference in your calorie intake but this will greatly lead to reduced levels of cravings and hunger spikes.


OMAD diet involves consuming only one meal a day with all the nutrients. You can drink anything from milk, alcohol, tea, and coffee but ensure that the drinks have low calories. These drinks will not affect your weight loss results but enable you to finish your weight loss diet on OMAD by reducing your hunger pangs.

Therefore, you need to know your goal when you are on OMAD, if you have to do OMAD again in the future, then avoid some drinks like alcohol and coffee with excess milk or sugar. Know that drinks like alcohol just stop or slows down the fat-burning process while on OMAD and do not cause adding of weight.

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